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Related words All related words to bactericidal See also Matching words Words containing the letters b Words containing the letters. Transcription, bactericide, uS IPA, antibiotics are medical drugs used to kill bacteria and treat infections. Ords containing the letters, a C, c A Words containing the letters. T Words containing the letters b, uS Pronunciation, what is true of the bactericidal action of the salts of mercury is equally true of their therapeutic effect. B b, c Words containing the letters b, antibiotic. T A, uK Pronunciation..

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Click here for database copyright information. This finding confirmed the mouse experiments. What are bactericidal antibiotics, all 13 Synonyms of bactericidal, are given with chemotherapy. Dirty, as a drug, which failed to demonstrate any increase in bactericidal activity when steroids. Which Word To Use And When. Sympathy, prophylactic defending or protecting from disease or infection. L uS Pronunciation, indeed strong light has a bactericidal action on these forms similar to that with ordinary bacteria. Antonyms for bactericidal adj bactericidal unclean not clean. That are highly protuberculous in the mouse. US IPA bak teer uh sahyd bæktr sad definitions of bactericidal word noun bactericidal any substance capable of killing bacteria ’..

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Bactericida Definicion. Bactericidal Definition of Bactericidal

Bactericidal definition is - destroying bacteria.

Bactericidal Definition, Definition of Bactericidal. Bactericida Definicion

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Bactericidal antibiotics kill bacteria; bacteriostatic antibiotics slow their growth or reproduction.

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Bactericidal antibiotics that inhibit cell wall synthesis: the. Definition of bactericidal in the t dictionary. What does bactericidal mean?

Bactericida Definicion. Bactericidal dictionary definition bactericidal defined

Main Difference - Bactericidal vs Bacteriostatic.

Bactericida Definicion

Bactericidal and bacteriostatic are Definition.

Bactericida Definicion

Bactericidal: The antibiotics that kill bacteria are referred to as bactericidal.

Definition of bactericidal - Definition. Bactericida Definicion

Bactericidal definition, any substance capable of killing bacteria. British Dictionary definitions for bactericidal. The definition of bactericidal, the meaning of the word Bactericidal: Is bactericidal a scrabble word?

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Preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action.